The Student Technology Integration course, open to students in grades 10, 11, and 12, is a semester long, hands on study of technology integration in an educational context. Students will be required to assess problem sets throughout the day and define the best approach to addressing or solving the problem. In addition to solving problems for students and teachers, students will be required to complete and maintain several running projects that address problems or solutions in educational technology integration. The course also asks students to have a prior understanding of Apple OS, Microsoft Windows OS, and the iPad iOS. To be considered for Help Desk, students are required to interview with the Instructional Technology Specialist, members of the Moline l Ed Tech Team, as well and approved by MHS administration or teachers. Interviews are held in the late spring. Upon successful completion of Student Technology Integration I, and with the approval of the Instructional Technology Specialist, students may elect to enroll in Student Help Desk 2 – offered as a dual credit course at Black Hawk College for ITS 125, IT Professional Skills.

*In addition to skills and knowledge related to educational technology, Help Desk students should possess strong research, writing, and critical thinking skills. Students are also expected to be self-motivated, independent learners.

Supporting Course Documents:

Course Syllabus


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